FishVerse Whitepaper

Core Team

CEO, Founder: Rokas

Huge Gamefi enthusiast and fanatic, with more than ten years of business and crypto-consulting experience. Founded a successful Transport/Logistics company 10 years ago. A member of a couple of successful crypto projects with more than 5 years of experience in the crypto space.

Game Development Lead/CTO: Egidijus

Egidijus is the Development Leader of FishVerse and has more than a decade of experience developing games & managing numerous successful game development teams. He is experienced in Unity and Unreal Engine Technologies. Brings a wealth of experience and leads the FishVerse technical team.

CFO: Tadas

More than a decade of experience in various financial and business spheres. Carries Financial Broker General License. Has deep analytical and technical knowledge. Adds huge experience in financial infrastructure.
BD/Marketing: Lukas Lukas is the business development and marketing lead of FishVerse. Has more than 5 years of experience in marketing and business development, worked in various international companies before. Experienced and motivated team member which has a common passion - GameFi. Goes fishing for leisure.
Game developer: Dmitrij
Game developer: Ilya
Game developer: Markas
3D designer: Vytautas
3D designer: Vadim
Back-end developer: Ernestas
Technical Manager: Ignas
AI/APP developer: Dainius
Blockchain developer: Arvaidas
Community hero: Dominykas