Core Team

CEO, Founder: Rokas

Huge Gamefi enthusiast and fanatic, with more than ten years of business and crypto-consulting experience. Founded a successful Transport/Logistics company 10 years ago. A member of a couple of successful crypto projects with more than 5 years of experience in the crypto space.

Game Development Lead/CTO: Egidijus

Egidijus is the Development Leader of FishVerse and has more than a decade of experience developing games & managing numerous successful game development teams. He is experienced in Unity and Unreal Engine Technologies. Brings a wealth of experience and leads the FishVerse technical team.

CFO: Tadas

More than a decade of experience in various financial and business spheres. Carries Financial Broker General License. Has deep analytical and technical knowledge. Adds huge experience in financial infrastructure. Technical Manager: Ignas Ignas is the technical manager at FishVerse. Has more than 5 years of experience in business development and has worked for various international companies before. The experienced and motivated team member, responsible for making key decisions related to continuous improvement within all areas of technical operations. Game developer: Dmitrij
Game developer: Ilya
Game developer: Markas
3D designer: Vytautas
3D designer: Vadim
Marketing Specialist: Edvin
Blockchain developer: Arvaidas
Community hero: Dominykas