NFTs Land types, usage
Within the FishVerse island, there will be over one hundred different NFT lands out for sale in strategically pre-placed locations.
NFT land can be bought in any region of the island. The price of the land will vary depending on the tier as well as its location. For instance, tier 3 land will only be available along the coast near the ocean where high-tier activities take place.
The land is necessary for recharging boat batteries, storing boats and fishing equipment, breeding and mixing various species of fish, as well as for displaying your caught trophies.

The land will be divided into the following three unique tiers:

Tier 1: You will own a piece of land. The land will contain a house, which will allow you to showcase your many fish trophies. The property will also include a breeding spot where you will be able to raise fish as well as a dock where you can store and recharge your boat.
Tier 2: Will offer all the benefits of tier 1. In Addition, you will unlock the ability to breed fish by uniting two distinct types of fish in order to produce new and improved offspring. Because the tier 2 land is larger, you will be able to store one additional boat and speed up the rate at which it recharges.
Tier 3: If you choose to purchase a tier 3 land you will be granted all of the benefits of the previous tiers and the rare privilege of breeding three distinct species of fish, which will allow you to create even rarer one-of-a-kind offspring. In conjunction with that, the recharge speed is even faster and because the land is bigger there is another space available for your boat, making the total number of available slots three.
The breeding results will be in a class by itself and very difficult to reproduce due to the fact that there are hundreds of different fish breeds in FishVerse. Enabling each participant to produce something unique and deserving of notice.
Breeding spot
They allow the owners to breed fish, which can then be converted into energy fodder or baits


It allows the owner to recharge his boat without additional cost. Players, who do not own a dock, will require to use $S or $F in order to recharge their battery.


It allows players to recharge their energy faster and provides space to demonstrate fish trophies.