Fish Breeding

NFTs Fish Breedings types, usage
In order to breed fish, farmer has to buy male and female fishes, breeding speed depends on how many NFT fishes (male/female) fisher will buy.
Also, to increase breeding speed farmer can buy fodder/bait which is converted from caught fishes.
The types of fodder and bait can be broken down into four categories: common, rare, epic, and legendary.
Repair Shop will allow breeders to make his own fodder. The only thing breeder has to do is to have an NFT fish which can be bought from anglers in NFT equipment marketplace or to catch the fish himself.
Fish price will depend on fish tier, epic and legendary are most expensive ones. Breeder can mix various types of fish in his NFT land.
You will also have the ability to breed and combine a wide variety of fish species in order to produce the most effective offspring. If you do find a potent mix and do create something that is truly unique and worthy, then you will have the ability to create an NFT skin from that combination.
Only breeders can sell their energy fodder or baits to other players for $FVS
Fish breeding farm