NFTs Boats types, usage
NFT Boat types:
Fishverse offers 4 types of boats depending on speed, durability, parameters, travel range, fish load capacity, battery, and other specs.
Kayak boat
Motor rubber boat
Fishing ship
Batteries for your motor rubber boat, motor metal boat, and the fishing ship will need to be recharged, and you will be able to do it at your NFT Land. The tier of the land affects how quickly the boat will replenish its battery. This implies that if you possess a Tier 3 NFT Land, your boat will recharge more quickly than if you had a Tier 1.
Players who do not own NFT land will be able to pay a fee and refuel their boats on other players NFT land, paying a small fee to the owner.
The only boat that does not need recharging is the kayak boat. Instead, you will rely on your stamina to operate the boat. This indicates that you will be able to use the boat so long as you are able to keep your stamina in control.