Growth Model

Expansion plan and strategy

  • Strategic partnerships
  • Marketing based on influencers
  • Affiliated-Partnership Programs
  • Reward Systems
  • Real-world partnerships
It is important to note that the Fishverse team will be working on a PC version, which will eventually be downloadable from massive gaming platforms like Steam and Epic Games. Full-length gameplay previews will be published on gaming websites and channels such as IGN and Gamespot, amongst others.
Streaming is another one of the planned expansion activities. Fishverse gameplay will be available for streaming, and both players and streamers will have the opportunity to earn rewards while doing so.
Fishverse will form partnerships with reputable and significant companies, which will assist the project in increasing its visibility not only in the cryptocurrency and gaming communities but also in the fishing industry.
The team will concentrate on working together with fishing gear manufacturers, displaying their content as NFTs, and incorporating their products into the game. Not only would such features increase exposure, but they would also make gameplay more realistic.
Fishverse is already collaborating with gaming guilds, e-sports arenas, KOL's networks to expand not only its community but also the number of actual gamers who use our platform. The platform would benefit from increased exposure if it collaborated with a number of different NFT marketplaces. The participants will also have the ability to list their NFTs on various marketplaces at a price that is higher than the current market value. In order for the fishery market to realize its full potential as a result of the innovations made possible by our platform, we intend to establish relationships with organizations that are concerned with fishing and also create tokens that can be donated.
In addition to interconnecting and developing principal projects that are similar to one another, one of our goals is to incorporate virtual reality technology into the Fishverse metaverse. This will assist the users in having a more immersive experience within our gaming world.